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Op.Dr. Rıza Kantürk

Eyelid Surgery

4 November 2022
Project Description

Due to the early appearance of signs of aging around the eyes, younger patients are also the reason for application with increasing frequency. A younger look and an active and lively expression can be gained with the interventions on the upper eyelid. It is possible to correct the drooping of the eyelids, to remove the excess fat tissues or to replace them appropriately with a detailed and well-planned special set of techniques.

The operation is usually performed with local anesthesia under sedation. The patient is usually discharged from the hospital on the same day. There may be edema on the lids after the operation. It may take a few days. Post-operative skin care and sun protection (sun creams, use of sunglasses) are important issues. At the end of the healing period, the incision line is lost in the natural fold of the eyelid.

A natural, lively and younger appearance can be obtained by correcting under-eye bags and sagging with aesthetic plastic surgery interventions on the lower eyelid area. Also, the depression in the eyelid-cheek junction can be corrected. In some cases, it can be combined with the mid-face lift procedure through the incision made for lower eyelid aesthetics. With some special and detailed techniques, the placement of the fat pads in the lower lid area can be changed and excess fat can be removed. Muscles are tightened to provide the natural anatomy and appearance of the eyelid. For a more aesthetic appearance to the eyes, the lid is hung on the side by cantopexy or cantoplasty.

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